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The increasing problem of Law and Order and emerging internal scenario in the country have put considerable pressure on Central Para Military Forces.

Since raising of CPMF only to meet almost regular and increasing demand of the States was difficult and put lots of strain on the administration of such units of CPMF, it was decided to augment the strengths of the State Governments. It is in this context that two I.R. Battalions were raised in Assam with the assistance of Central Goverment.

The Central Government however reserves the first right to call on these Battalions as and when required for deployment outside the state. The personnel of the Battalion are engaged in both operational as well as Law and Order duties.

The personnel are Trained thoroughly in counter insurgency and law and order situations. Such training programs are conducted at the respective unit Headquarters.

15th AP(IR)BN is located at Eraligool in Karimgunj district. 16th AP(IR)BN is located at Barmonipur in Morigaon district. Both the Battalions were raised vide Govt. Notification No. HMA. 36/92/216 dtd 28-1-1994.

Location, Memorandum No. & Raising Day Of Ir Bns & Ongc Bn

S. N.UnitLocationGovt. Notification No.Date of Raising
115th AP(IR) BnEraligool, KarimganjHMA.36/92/214, dtd: 07-01-9415-02-1994
216th AP(IR) BnBormonipur, MorigaonHMA.36/92/214, dtd: 07-01-9410-02-1994
319th AP(IR) BnTengakhat, DibrugarhHMA.184/97/99, dtd: 04-03-9903-01-2001
420th AP(IR) BnPanbari, DhubriHMA.184/97/99, dtd: 04-03-9901-01-2001
521st AP(IR) BnKatlicherra, HailakandiHMA.298/2001/314, dtd: 08-07-0522-01-2006
622nd AP(IR) BnLikabali, DhemajiHMA.298/2001/314, dtd: 08-07-0522-02-2006
723rd AP(IR) BnSiloni, Karbi-AnglongHMA.405/2005/117, dtd: 14-06-0726-11-2008
824th AP(IR) BnCharaimari, BaksaHMA.390/2007/73, dtd: 04-12-0808-08-2009
925th AP(ONGC) BnLigiripukhuri, SivasagarHMA.354/2002/336, dtd: 21-02-0911-08-2009