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Assam Police Radio Organisation (APRO)


Communication Coverage

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • VHF R/T communication to all District HQs, Sub-divisional HQs, Police Stations and Out Posts
  • All the 14 APBNs and 4 APTFs have been provided communication through HF and VHF network.
  • Most of the traffic posts, check posts and highway patrolling posts have been covered with VHF network
  • 100% City VHF communication have been achieved at Guwahati under Operational Net (OPNET)
  • OPNET has been extended to the District HQs in the state.

Computerised High Speed Data Communication

  • Speedy clearance of messages over HF and VHF radio links
  • Installed in all the 27 Police district headquarters - 100% district coverage
  • Installed in 14 out of 14 AP BNs - 100% AP Bn Coverage
  • Installed in 4 out of 4 APTF BNs - 100% APTF Bn Coverage
  • Installed in 18 out of 31 Sub-divisions - 58.06% Sub-division coverage

Initially, messages were sent physically through D/Rs to the Message Control Centre for transmission to the addressees. Now, after installation of Data communication systems with Switching Centres, messages may be sent directly from the originator's location to the addressees without sending the messages physically to the MCC. These facilities are already installed at SB, HQ; 4th APBN; 10th APBN. This has made the communication speedier.

Repeater Links for voice & data

  • 49 numbers of Trunk Repeaters
  • 55 numbers of District Repeaters
  • 15 numbers of Sub-divisional Repeaters
  • Total of 119 nos of Repeater stations

Placed at 53 Repeater locations

  • 14 on the hill-top locations at heights ranging from 200 meter to 1739 meter AMSL
  • 39 in plain

Repeaters in the year 1995 = 24 nos
Repeaters in the year 2005 = 119 nos
Repeaters in the year 2008 = 129 nos