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Village Defence Organization

The Village Defence Organisation is a concept and organization unique to the state of Assam. It was established in the year 1949 when Late Harinarayan Baruah, the founder of the organization, set up a team of village youths to look after and safeguard their own village. This concept of looking after the security of one’s own village gradually spread into neighbouring districts and soon an organization which came to be known as the Village Defence Organisation came into being. It soon earned, through the unflinching hard work and sincerity of its founder and the workers, the recognition and sanction of the Government. An Act was enacted known as the Village Defence Organisation Act in 1966, followed by the Assam Village Defence Rules in 1986, both of which govern the functioning of the organisation.


The principal objective of the Village Defence Organisation is to assist the Police in the maintenance of Law and Order, peace and tranquility in the State.

Organizational Structure

  • The Director General of Police is the head of the organization.
  • The Dy. IGP (Admin), Assam, is the Chief Controller and functions as the administrative head of the organization assisted by the Senior Staff Officer (Addl. SP).
  • The Dy. IGP (Range) is the Dy. Chief Controller.
  • The SP of the district is the District Village Defence Officer.
  • The SDPO/Dy. SP HQ is the Sub Divisional Village Defence Officer.
  • The OC is the Thana Village Defence Officer.
  • The Nayak is the head of a Village Defence Party (VDP) which is the primary unit of the organisation.
  • The Circle Organisers, VDO (CO, VDO) are employees of the organization who organize and supervise the VDPs in each thana area. There are 202 sanctioned posts of CO, VDO.

Apart from the above, there exist the following honorary functionaries who are designated with the duty to motivate the volunteers and promote and popularize the concept and objectives of the Organization among the public:

  • Honorary Chief Adviser, VDO - 1
  • Honorary Adviser, VDO - 1
  • Honorary Dy. Advisers, VDO in the Sub Divisions - 48

There are various advisory committees which guide and regulate the functioning of the Organization at various levels in the districts

  • District Advisory Committee
  • Sub Divisional Advisory Committee
  • Thana Advisory Committee
  • Primary Committee

Functions and Duties

A VDP comprises of 20-25 volunteers of a village and are responsible for safe guarding the area of that particular village jurisdiction. There are 19, 881 registered VDPs and 4058 unregistered VDPs in Assam. The VDPs execute a wide range of duties:

  • Carry out routine patrolling duties with and without the local Police.
  • Guard vital installations like the OIL pipelines, Railway track duties,
  • Assist the Police in preventing and detecting crime and criminals, gather intelligence.
  • Assist the State machinery during Elections - especially in manning the polling booths etc.
  • Undertake various welfare activities like repairing/building roads, bridges, schools etc, planting trees etc.
  • Organize peace meetings during communal riots, awareness camps regarding relevant social issues.

Most significantly, the VDPs are the first responders in any given situation – whether it is a riot, accident (road/rail), natural disaster (earthquake, floods etc.) since they are the grassroots level i.e. the basic unit of society. During times when no other government machinery can reach a scene of disaster, it is the VDPs who provide basic service in saving lives and bringing the situation under control.


To encourage and assist the registered VDPs in carrying out their duties, the Government grants out of pocket money - 19, 644 VDPs receive monthly pocket money @ Rs. 500/- while 237 VDPs who execute Railway track duty from Srirampur to Guwahati receive Rs. 1500/- per month.

The VDPs also receive the following equipments:

  • Spear
  • VDP badge
  • Greatcoat/ blanket
  • Whistle with cord
  • Raincoat/umbrella
  • Lantern/torch
  • Red sash
  • Nayak badge

Further, the Chief Minister, Assam, grants Rs. 1 (one) lakh to the next of kin of VDP volunteer who died on duty. Further, the foundation day of the Organisation is observed on the 29th of January every year, centrally at a chosen venue, which is graced by various dignitaries and representatives of the Organisation from all over the State. During these celebrations, the volunteers interact with the Chief Controller and other functionaries of the Organisation regarding various issues related to their day to day duties/ functions. Further, the annual awards are given out to the best CO, VDOs and best VDPs - one each from each district in recognition of their achievements.

Upgradation and Modernisation

Efforts have been on to upgrade and modernize the Village Defence Organisation. With that view in mind, during the financial year 2014-2015, in addition to the traditionally provided VDP equipments mentioned above, malaria treated mosquito nets and mobile handsets alongwith simcards were provided to the VDPs by the government. The government has also notified that 3 marks weightage shall be given for recruitment in the Home Guards to candidates who are members of a Village Defence Party. Further, construction of 25 (twenty five) Meeting Halls for the VDPs at the Police Stations of 25 districts is underway including one in the Assam Police Headquarters in the last financial year.this is in addition to the 67 Meeting Halls all over the state previously constructed by the district authorities.

Several other such schemes and proposals are on active consideration of the government in order to upgrade and modernize the Village Defence Organisation. Some of which are:

  • Creation of 113 posts of CO, VDO for the 113 police stations of Assam which are operating without a CO, VDO to supervise and organize the functioning of the VDPs functioning under these police stations.
  • Upgradation in the quality and quantity of the VDP equipments procured and distributed among the 19, 881 registered VDPs. In this regard providing three bicycles each to each of the registered and unregistered VDPs of the organization is under active consideration. This will ease the members of the organization in carrying out patrolling duties as well as to coordinate closely with the police in times of emergency.
  • Enhancement of pocket money from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1500/- to 19,644 VDPs who execute general duty and from Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 3000/- for 237 registered VDPs who execute railway patrolling duty from Srirampur to Guwahati.
  • Registration of 4058 un-registered VDPs who are functioning in the districts so that these VDPs also can avail the amenities and pocket money provided to the registered VDPs.
  • Training for 2 VDP volunteers from each district as Trainers.
  • Grant of Ex-gratia of Rs. 3 lakhs to the Next of Kin of VDP volunteer who died during extremists related incident and Rs. 2 lakhs who died in other incidents during duty.
  • Enhancement of monthly honorarium – Honorary Chief Adviser – from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 30,000/-; Honorary Adviser – from Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 25,000/- (including fixed TA); Honorary Dy. Adviser – from Rs. 800/- to Rs. 20,000/- (including fixed TA).
  • Process of creation of a database to be maintained at the VDO Headquarters for the organization is already underway.
  • Installation of a Statue and Memorial Hall in memory of Late Harinarayan Baruah at Jorhat.
  • Adopting the song “Gaonwor Lora Gaonwe Gaonwe Bonti Jolai…” by Jyotiprasad Agarwala as the theme song of the VDO, Assam.
  • VDP tableau during the Republic Day parade.

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