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The Assam Commando Battalion was raised on 18th January / 1996 vide Govt. Notification No.HMA /222/94/115, dtd.18.01.1996, as an elite force which will combat the growing insurgency problem in Assam. The headquarters of the Battalion was first temporarily set up at Kahilipara, in the 4th Assam Police Battalion campus.

The personnel of this unit were initially selected from different Battalions and District Executive Forces of Assam Police and a total of 489 personnel from the rank of Constable to Dy. Superintendent of Police were sent to Commando Training Centre, P.R.T.C, Jahankhelam, Punjab in the last part of the year 1995 for acquiring commando training with sophisticated weapons and advanced tactics for a period of 2 (two) months.

Subsequently, personnel attending training of Police Commando Instructor Course / Police Ranger Commando Course at National Security Guard Training Centre, Maneswar, Haryana, have been inducted to this unit in batches phasing out the senior aged personnel. Also, arrangements were made to train up other personnel in the rank of Inspector, ABSI and Havildars locally by some of the specially trained Instructors at the Bn. Hqrs, Mandakata.

Initially the Commandant, 4th Assam Police Battalion was in-charge of the Battalion from 18.01.1996 to 24.04.1996. The barracks, magazine guard etc. at Mandakata which were initially borne in the books of New Battalion Training Centre (BTC) were formally handed over to the then Commandant of Assam Commando Battalion in the year 1996. All the official branches/ staff and relating goods etc. were shifted from Kahilipara to the present location at Mandakata on 20.11.2000 and since then, the Battalion has been running from Mandakata, North Guwahati under Baihata Chariali P.S.