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Special Task Force

The Special Task Force (STF), Assam was conceived to be an elite force of Assam Police with professional acumen in respect of precision operation, fitness, quality investigation, orientation and expertise on technical gadgets to perform exceptionally dangerous, high risk, counter terrorism operations that fall outside of the abilities of the District Police.

In addition to the above, the mandate of the STF is to conduct investigation of extremist/ terrorist related cases of complicated nature and far reaching consequences which also includes investigation of special organized crimes. Focus on the organized crime in addition to terrorist organizations has been an objective of the STF as the terrorist organizations are increasingly developing links with organized crime cartels.

The STF is headed by a senior police officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police assisted by one Addl. SP. The STF comprises of the Ops Cell, Investigation Cell, Tech Cell, Surveillance Cell, the Logistic Cell and the STF Police Station.

The STF Police Station was notified on 4th October, 2008 vide Notification No. HMA.1087/2007/37, with Headquarters at the Office of the IGP (STF), functioning under the control of the Director General of Police at Guwahati, with jurisdiction throughout the State of Assam, for the purposes of enquiry and investigation of offences relating to:

  • Terrorists activities including those sponsored from outside the country by groups/ individuals inimical to India having inter district and inter state ramification
  • Organized crime in the areas of gun running, motor vehicle theft, money laundering (hawala), drugs, narcotics, smuggling, FICN (Fake Indian Currency Notes), mafia groups, criminal syndicates etc. and other organized crimes prejudicial to internal security and national security interests
  • Registration and investigation of cases related to Official Secrets Act, 1923, Explosive Substances Act, 1908, the Passport Act, 1967
  • Offences against State including waging or attempt to wage war or abetting waging of war, sedition etc. against the Government of India
  • Cyber crimes prejudicial to internal and national security
  • Any other particular offences of class of offences that may be specified by the State Government

The Tech Cell with data mining capabilities is its special feature. The Tech Cell is the main intelligence and analysis cell for predicting trends and the nodal wing for secret documentation and for all things technical. A highly specialized Interrogation Unit and a highly sophisticated Cyber Lab are also additional components coming up for the STF.

The Special Task Force, Assam came into existence in July 2008 as per sanction conveyed vide Govt. No. HMA 1087/2007/30 Dated 7th July, 2008. Its office is located at Panbazar, Guwahati.