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Branches of Assam Police

Mounted Police

A Mounted Platoon was created in the year 1964 vide Govt. Letter No. HPL 18/63/43 dtd. 16.03.64 at 5th A.P. Bn, Kahilipara, Guwahati with creation of posts on temporary basis. These posts were retained permanently vide Govt. Letter No. HPL 264/70/10 dtd. 01.09.1970. Subsequently, vide Govt. Letter No. HMP. 127/73/13 dtd. 20.08.1973, these posts were re-designated in the same scale of pay and re-named as the MOUNTED POLICE.

When the Headquarters of the 5th A.P. Bn. was shifted to Sontilla, Haflong, the posts and incumbents alongwith horses were transferred to 4th A.P. Bn. vide Govt. Letter. HMP 683/76/15 dtd. 03.10.1980. Horses & Manpower were also sanctioned for training of cadets at the Riding School of the Police Training College, Dergaon.

Object and Purpose

1. Equitation Training of Cadet SI, Dy. SP Trainees & IPS Probationers.
2. Operational duties & duties for Law & Order, patrolling, ceremonial guard and sports.


1. Crowd control, management & dispersal of disorderly mobs during processions, demonstrations, rallies and dharnas.
2. Traffic control & management.
3. Area patrolling like river banks, ghats, parks, open green spaces, carnival, sporting events & large public gatherings.
4. Ceremonial duties or any other duty assigned by the Director General of Police, Assam.
5. To participate in equestrian meets held in different parts of the country to represent Assam and Assam Police.