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Railway Police


The Government Railway Police, Assam started functioning in the year 1905 with its Headquarters at Haflong. Mr. E.C. Ryland w.e.f. 16.01.1905 was the first Superintendent of Railway Police of GRP Assam. Later on it was shifted to Guwahati on 10. 06.1980 with its HQ located at Old Railway Institute, Pandu belonging to Railways.

Sanctioned Strength

Dy. SRP050302
INSP (Upgraded)0707 
SI (UB+AB)36+228+208
Others (UB)558433125

Objectives and Duties

In the Railway limits, any officer in charge of GRP enjoys the same powers and responsibilities as any other officer in charge of any Police Station. Some of the routine duties of the Railway Police, defined in APM Part-VI, are:

  • Prevention and detection of cognizable cases within Railway limits and arrest/prosecution of the offenders in such cases.
  • Investigation of cognizable crimes falling under all Major and Minor Acts in force including Railway (Amendment] Act, 2003.
  • Detection and arrest of offenders in general and their prosecution.
  • Maintenance of peace and law & order at the Railway premises.
  • Scrutiny of passengers and trains to uphold relevant laws.
  • Reporting to the proper authority of all instances in which the byelaws at the line are infringed.
  • Prosecution on offences under the Railway Act.
  • Assistance to the passengers, Railway staff and RPF.
  • Coordination with district administration and local para military forces.
  • Securing the Railway tracks and premises by patrolling, static deployment in coordination with Village Defence Parties (VDPs) and local police.

Organization Structure


i) Superintendent of Railway Police
ii) Dy. Superintendent of Railway Police along with office and Reserve setup


i) Dy. SRP, Lumding
ii) Dy. SRP, Badarpur
iii) Dy. SRP, Rangia
iv) Dy. SRP, New Bongaigaon


i) Inspector of Railway Police, Chaparmukh.
ii) Inspector of Railway Police, Bokajan.
iii) Inspector of Railway Police, Mariani.
iv) Inspector of Railway Police, Rangapara.
v) Inspector of Railway Police, Fakiragram.


i)  Govt. Railway Police Stations: 12
ii) GRP Out Posts: 18
iii) GRP Investigation Centres: 03
iv) GRP Patrol Posts: 10


Part Alipurduar Division, Rangia Division, Tinsukia Division and major part of Lumding Division.

Total length of Railway Lines within Assam – 2,424 km

Total Railway Stations in Assam - 321

GRP men per Railway km in Assam - 2.8


2012 to date

Ganja1450 kg
Opium25kg 700gm
Morphine05kg 400gm
Psychotropic tablets1,506 kg 500 gm
Phensedyl bottles3,750 bottles
Proxyvan St Tab36,000 nos
Gold13 kg 335 gm
Ivory12 pieces
Lizard (Keko)18 nos
Anti Human Trafficking 
CashRs. 1,19,00,000.00
Laptops02 nos
Cameras02 nos


.303 BDR60 rds
.32mm Pistol78 rds
.38 mm28 rds
9 mm391 rds
AK 47970 rds
.22 bore99 rds
7.62 mm126 rds
7.65 pistol120 rds
315 Sparking rifle10 rds
Insas42 rds


Air Pistol01
Australian made 9mm pistol02
Czech Republic made 9mm pistol01
Countrymade pistol .2203
7.65 Italian pistol02
9mm pistol01
.32 Revolver01
315 Sparking rifle01
2” Mortar Firing Pin05
Hand made pistol06
Chinese .22 pistol01


Gelatin Stick1847 sticks
Detonator1,412 Pieces
Fuse Wire12 bundles & 90 mtrs.
IED02 nos
Grenade01 nos

Guidelines for Helpline

Passengers are expected to make a call to the help line number ‘1512’ in an event of commission of a crime.

  • On receipt of the call from any passenger the Control Room personnel will note down the train number, ticket number and seat number of the complainant and assure him to extend necessary police help.
  • The Control Room personnel will then call the escort party In charge or the other escort members of the concerned trains and direct them to report to the particular complainant of the concerned seats/coach number. The GRP of the next station of stoppage will also be informed.
  • The escort team is to report to the complainant immediately and intervene as per requirement of the case.
  • The officer of the GRPS where the train stops next will carry a proforma already issued from this office and report to the particular complainant and conduct preliminary investigation of the case inside the train itself. He will take the assistance of escort personnel who are already inside the train in case of the need to take someone in custody or any other legal matters. He will also fill up the proforma and write a copy while handing over a copy to the complainant.
  • SMS will be sent to the complainant by the officer concerned of the GRPS on the progress of the case.

Anti-human Trafifficking

Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of GRP District is re-constituted with Dy.SRP as Nodal Officer to prevent and combat trafficking in human being. Three personnel has been trained under IMPULSE NGO to tackle the trend of Anti Human Trafficking.

Whatsapp Group

GRP whatsapp group has been helping Ops Control and officers of all ranks to monitor activities and actions. The whatsapp group comprising of all Chiefs of GRP of the country has been successful in taking up immediate action with counterparts in other states to assist in crime related issues outside the state of Assam.

Special Training

An organisation called Reform Prayas has been engaged to impart special skills and attitude among the GRP men to perform duties in general and the new initiatives in particular. All personnel including RPF are being trained in 10 workshops in Bongaigaon, Lumding, Guwahati, Dibrugarh & Rangapara.