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Please keep in mind the following parking Laws & Rules before you PARK your Vehicle
» Don't leave the vehicle abandoned on any public place in a position or in a condition which is likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other road users. (Ref. to section -122 of M.V. Act, 1988).
» Where any motor vehicle is abandoned, or left unattended in a public place,or is parked in a "No Parking" marked place, or is creating a traffic hazard, or causing the impediment to the traffic, its immediate removal by a towing service may be authorised by police, and the owner of the vehicle shall be responsible for all towing costs, besides any other penalty. (Ref. to section -126 of M.V.Act,1988).

(1)    Every driver of a motor vehicle parking on any road shall park in such a way that it does not cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other road users,
(2)     A driver of a motor vehicle shall NOT park his vehicle:-
      i) at or near a road crossing, a bend, top of a hill or a humpbacked bridge;
      ii) on a foot -path;
      iii) near a traffic light or pedestrian crossing;
      iv) in a main road or one carrying fast traffic;
      v) opposite another parked vehicle or as obstruction to other vehicle;
      vi) alongside another parked vehicle;
      vii) on roads or at places or roads where there is a continuous white line with or without a broken line;
      viii) near a bus stop, school or hospital entrance or blocking a traffic sign or entrance to a premises or a fire hydrant;
      ix) on the wrong side of the road;
      x) where parking is prohibited;
      xi) away from the edge of the foot path. (Ref. to Rule -15 of Rules of Road Regulations -1989)
 N.B. Keep The parking Light on Night

Come, let us join hands to make the roads Safe and Congestion free.
Superintendent of Police,
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