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Road Safety and Accidents

Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Always walk on the footpath. Where there is no footpath try to walk close to the extreme right side of the road so that you can see the oncoming vehicles clearly.
  • Cross roads where there are pedestrian crossings. If you don't see any pedestrian crossing, first look to your rigth, then left, then right again and then cross when it is safe.
  • Young children should not be allowed to walk in the roads alone or play and run in road or road-side. While you walk on roads with your child always hold a hand of your child.
  • At night time pedestrians should wear bright or light colored cloth so that drivers coming from both directions can see you clearly even in poor light conditions.
  • Do not walk on the road after consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • Use extra caution at the time of crossing multi-lane roads.
  • Be extra careful at road intersections.
  • While walking in rainy weather, take care that your umbrella does not prevent the view of the oncoming vehicles.

Safety tips for Bus Passengers

  • Always maintain a queue while waiting for a bus. However, never stand on queue in the middle of the road.
  • At the time of boarding a bus do not try to run or chase the bus. Once you are inside the bus, take a seat or hold firmly on the handrail if you are standing.
  • Never try to board a overcrowded bus.
  • Never try to journey on a footboard of a bus. It could be fatal.
  • Avoid shouting inside a bus because it may distract the attention of the driver leading to a major road accident.