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Community Policing

Community Liaison Group (CLG)

We have formed Community Liaison Groups (CLGs) at the state, district and PS level where eminent and non-political persons from the society are called to attend a meeting with police to voice their complaints and to give their suggestions for providing better policing to the society. These meeting are attended by eminent persons like newspaper editors, retired high court judges, literatures, educationists, social servants and women organisations and many useful suggestions have come from them to improve the service that the police can provide to them and when people are taken into confidence, they come out to help the police. A major thrust for it was made when the BPR&D and the UNDP started a project on "Improvement of organisation and Management of law Enforcement Agencies in India", which aimed at changing the attitude of the average police man at the P.S.'s towards the public, to make them people friendly and to improve their living and working conditions. The project was implemented as a trial in three States Assam, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, in selected Districts and selected P.S.'s in those districts and Shri R.N.Mathur the then I.G.P. (Administration), was appointed as its nodal officer. In Assam, it was tried in Guwahati and Jorhat district at the Pan Bazar and All Women P.S.'s at Guwahati and Jorhat and Titabor P.S.in Jorhat district. One officer in each rank from constable to Inspector was chosen as a "Change Agent" and trained specially for attitudinal changes by the BPR&D. These "Change Agents" were taken abroad to UK and Singapore to expose them to other systems of policing and behaviour with the public, after which they are being used as Trainers to train other police Officers to bring about an attitudinal change in them towards the public. The results of this project have been very encouraging and hence, we have spread this project to all the districts in Assam. The project has aroused a lot of curiosity in the state police with the majority of them trying to know more about it. Along with the change in attitude, an attempt was made to make the Police Stations more appealing to the public. However, the response time of the police has been cut down considerably by sending PR vans, on receipt of information. Simultaneously, the visibility of the police on the roads has also been increased, specially at night, to bring confidence to the people..