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Passport Verification Guidelines

To look up FAQs on Police Verification, CLICK HERE.

On receipt of online applications for Passport the Passport Seva Kendra initiates the process of Verification of the documents of the applicants by physical interview on a date fixed online.

The following documents are required to be submitted along with the passport application at the Passport Seva Kendra:

  1. Proof of residence, i.e. Applicant's Ration Card/Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill
  2. Bank Account Passbook
  3. NOC from the department if applicant is a Government servant
  4. Proof of date of birth
  5. Identity proof with photograph (to be verified by Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Officials from the address proof and other documents
  6. Proof of nationality (to be verified by Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Officials from the supporting documents submitted
  7. Colour Photographs

After physical verification of all the documents the same is uploaded in the Passport Online Portal which is directly received at SB Hqrs as well as the District Police concerned. On receipt of the personnel particulars form (PPF) the same is initiated simultaneously at SB Hqrs and the District concerned. After completion of the verification process at SB Hqrs the same is forwarded online (CCTNS) to the District concerned. The District Police completes the verification at their end and upload the final verification report combining the report of SB Hqrs with theirs. During the process of verification an SMS alert is generated to the given mobile no of the applicant from SB Hqrs once it is completed. Moreover, the applicants may track the status of their passport verifications online in the Passport Online Portal.

CCTNS system have been leveraged to process the passport police verification using online system for proper tracking and monitoring. SP will download the passport application using the existing process and shares the details with District Special Branch (DSB) along with Person Particular Form received from RPO. Officer-in-charge of DSB will initiate the process for passport verification using CCTNS system and will assign the request to concerned Police Stations. After necessary verification the recommendation will go to the district SP that will finally approve or reject based on the report received from DSB, SHO of present PS and Special branch. The Police verification Report (PVR) report will be generated in PDF format after final approval by SP which will be further submitted to RPO. The Passport verification using CCTNS online system has been launched on 4th July 2017 across all districts. As on date more than 862 passport verification request has been initiated using CCTNS system of which 53 request has been successfully disposed.