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Auto Theft Information

Auto Theft Information Counter AT CID, HQ, ASSAM, GUWAHATI

Assam Police, CID HQ is maintaining a data bank on stolen and recovered Motor vehicles and opened an Auto Theft Information Counter on 6th May 2002 at CID, H.Q., Assam, Guwahati. The purpose of the counter is to provide a facility to the Public to check up status of loss/stolen vehicle as well as pre-check on the 2nd hand vehicles before buying them, so that stolen vehicles are not purchased inadvertently by the public.

Any person desiring to make an enquiry in this counter is required to fill up a form with all the details of the vehicle such as Registration Number, Chassis Number and Engine Number and submit to this office along with a fee of Rs. 20.00(twenty) only. Which will be shared between the Union Govt. and State Govt. on a ratio of 50:50.

Modus Operandi

»     Obtaining of D/Licenses in fake names with these photographs and get employed as driver.
»     With or without collusion of a driver they obtain details of the target vehicle and make fake documents.
»     Some of them hire a vehicle and kill the driver.
»     Some of them hire a vehicle and kill the driver.
»     They use various tools and equipments to get the vehicle started within no time.

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