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Commissionerate of Police, Guwahati

Name  Designation Phone Number Email
Shri Harmeet Singh, IPS Commissioner of Police, Guwahati / ADGP(Border) 0361-2540278, (Fax) 2546286, 9958579797 cp-ghty@assampolice.gov.in
Shri P.S. Mahanta, IPS Joint Commissioner of Police (Admn./S&I Traffic)
Guwahati & DIGP(AP), Assam
9435048480 jcp-ghty@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Nabaneet Mahanta, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police(West), Guwahati 9435152371 dcp-west@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Subrajyoti Bora, IPS Dy. Commissioner of Police (East), Guwahati 0361-2220124, 9707199112 dcp-east@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Prasanta Saikia, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police (Crime), Guwahati 0361-2730056, 9435028077 dcp-crim@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Hemanta Kr. Das, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police(Admn), Guwahati 0361-2540270, 9435083103 dcp-admn@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Hiranya Kumar Barman, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police(Trafic), Guwahati 0361-2731947, 9435562135 dcp-trff@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Utpal Bayan, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police (Border), Guwahati 0361-2540271, 9435025311 dcp-bord@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Diganta Kr. Choudhury, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police (Central), Guwahati 0361-2460190, 9435037642 dcp-cent@assampolice.gov.in
Shri Harekrishna Nath, APS Dy. Commissioner of Police (S&I), Guwahati 0361-2543458, 9435554071 dcp-intl@assampolice.gov.in